KDL News

KDL In-House Compounding

KDL is proud to establish a link to our in-house compounding division called Custom Silicone Technologies (CST) headed up by Colin “Buddy” Francis.  If you need a compound for your molding needs, please contact Buddy for assistance.  Your information is proprietary to CST not KDL Precision Molding.  As Vice President, I can assure that your information is held is strictest confidence with Buddy and we have no access to his information.  You may contact Buddy at 818-890-9550 or at www.cstsilicone.com

KDL In-House Tooling

KDL Precision has enhanced our customer service by establishing our own in-house tooling.  We can now offer rapid prototype tooling with lead times of 1-2 weeks and multi-cavity tooling within 2-4 weeks depending upon the complexity of the part.  Please send us your drawing so we can review your design and get you a tool as quickly as possible.